PSP is a creative office with a healthy handle on full-flavour art direction, creative content, spatial and object design. An anti-agency which meets religiously over food, saddles up resourcefully and communicates potently. Now operating in Australia and Spain.

    Their work has been featured on It's Nice That, Lucky Peach, PAPER magazine and VICE Creators Project as well as published in magazines such as IDEA magazine, The Age Epicure, Popeye Magazine, NYMag and GQ Magazine. Their work has been sold in institutions such as Collette, Tate Modern, Printed Matter, Third Draw Down, ACMI and T-Site.


MEL office
16/30B Perry Street, Collingwood VIC 3066
Conceptual food research and events: Long Prawn
Bootleg dining series: Otis Armada
Project partners
Adidas, ANDPEOPLE, Assemble Projects, ASICS, BBE, Birkenstock, Captain Morgan, CHAMP Magazine, COCO and MAXIMILIAN, Freitag, Fringe Festival Melbourne, Good Sport Magazine, Honey Fingers, Hotel Hotel, Hunted + Gathered, i-D, It's Nice That, Long Prawn, LON Gallery, Lucky Peach, Luna Park, Mathery Studio, Medibank, Melbourne Design Week, MPavilion, Munchies, National Gallery of Victoria, Never Now, Otis Armada, Open House Melbourne, Pidapipó Gelateria, Pitch Music & Arts Festival, Sample Brew, Sleeping Duck, Spring 1883, Sugar Prawn, Vice.

Project types
⚪  Art, creative direction
⚪  Communication design
⚪  Creative content
⚪  Spatial, production design
⚪  Workshop

🐮 Cows lose their jobs as milk prices drop 🌤 Forecasters call for weather on Monday 🍉 Farmer using cannon to protect watermelons 🗿 Museums full of history 🤒 Miracle cure kills fifth patient 👶🏾 State population to double by 2040, babies to blame 😤 Breathing oxygen linked to staying alive 👮‍♀️👮‍♂️ Police arrest everyone on February 22nd 🔫 Federal agents raid gun shop, find weapons 🚧 Safety meeting ends in accident 🏞  Muddy creek problem: It's too muddy 🦟 Bugs flying around with wings are flying bugs 👵👴 Students cook & serve grandparents 🐐 Goat accused of robbery