Brand Awareness Campaign (Schwartz Media)

Two of five short films written, directed and produced by COCO and MAXIMILIAN as part of a brand awareness campaign for Schwartz Media.

Five single shot scenes highlighting the various ways to engage with The Monthly, The Saturday Paper and the 7am podcast. At the breakfast table, airport, in the street and in bed. The characters read the publications, with headlines that satirically describe the values of Schwartz Media. Each scene emphasizes the three outlets of Schwartz overlapping.

Insinuation that between the three (3) product offerings, Schwartz Media is with you everywhere and with you every day of the week.

Made in collaboration with @mgiesser with newspaper and magazine headlines written by @erikojensen.

Cinematography @edwardgoldner
Art Direction @practisestudiopractise
Starring Trevor Mein @trevormein, Rachael Olivia Horan (Mein), racheloliviahoran, Florence and Matilda
Colour @abewynen @wearecrayon
Sound design @elliotcfmunn
Location @the_get_down_studio
Gaffer Albert Garcia @savagefilmservices
AC Shang-Lien Yang

MIFF 2020
Palace Cinemas
JCDecaux billboards
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