Otis Table Base OTB (Steelotto)

Otis Table Base (OTB) in was designed in collaboration with Steelotto for the Textbook Otis, Otis Armada event. 

Textbook Otis brought back to life the creaky halls of the Collingwood Technical College (1912-1987) for a final school time lunch. A gym bag full of 80’s ozzy quirk, school kid buggery and industry inspirations. 

The table bases are a mutation of many different archetypical table bases created to demontraste the many processes learnt my students in technical college; such as bending, scalloping and angular cutting.

Made in Australia 
Materials: Powder-coated steel
Overall dimensions: 800 X 270/250 X 710mm
Standard powder-coat colours: Black, white, green


Lookbook design: Confetti Studi