League of Lunches (Good Sport Magazine)

The third instalment of our 'Half Time Oranges' segment League of Lunches. Eating in Esports. in sport culture magazine Good Sport.  Art direction by PSP to support our research through Long Prawn. 

Forever engaged with technology and its ability to engage and transform, we suspect the future of Esports will be one of the highly trained. Engaged not only in the physicality of virtual reality but also the technologies of future food we have good faith for Egamers. A culture that we suspect will embrace jumps in nutrience, harnessing the powers of algae, bugs or jellyfish. A culture that won't be slowed down but the laborious nature of preparing food or food that goes bad. A culture that redefines health, hacking their bodies to outperform the laymen. Presently, most would have to concede that the guts of the game aren't in the fittest shape yet we have high hopes for this emerging realm; here we have forward thinkers who may be the first to download their food.

Photography: Phebe Schmidt
Design: Never Now

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