High-Octane (PSP)

A gift for our clients new, old and yet to be discovered... 

The first make and model of PractiseStudioPractise's High-Octane Creativity series took the form of a salacious mechanic video. Specialising in high-performance creative parts and custom content, here we opted to introduce the talents of our agency with rev headed regards.

Creative Direction: PractiseStudioPractise
Directed by: COCO and MAXIMILIAN

🐮 Cows lose their jobs as milk prices drop 🌤 Forecasters call for weather on Monday 🍉 Farmer using cannon to protect watermelons 🗿 Museums full of history 🤒 Miracle cure kills fifth patient 👶🏾 State population to double by 2040, babies to blame 😤 Breathing oxygen linked to staying alive 👮‍♀️👮‍♂️ Police arrest everyone on February 22nd 🔫 Federal agents raid gun shop, find weapons 🚧 Safety meeting ends in accident 🏞  Muddy creek problem: It's too muddy 🦟 Bugs flying around with wings are flying bugs 👵👴 Students cook & serve grandparents 🐐 Goat accused of robbery