Cooking at Home (Hunted + Gathered)

Fine cooking chocolate within the whisks and spoons of the considered home cook is incredibly faithful. Good dark chocolate, for its sheen and aroma allows a cook to edge towards ideas bitter and savory, only brought back with knobs of butter, slips of cream and artful sweetening. The unmissable presence of chocolate in a dish justifies the use of distinction. Poor chocolate simply won't hide under the covers.

These unfettered recipes have been shared with us faithfully, from chefs, who we wholly admired. We share them with you in the hope of adding us to your repertoire.

Steamed Chocolate Cake (Margot Henderson)
Chocolate and Wattleseed Mousse (Ben Shewry)
Triple-Chocolate Doughnuts (Lauren Eldridge)
Chocolate Babka (Michael Jame)
Chocolate in Brioche (Colin Wood)
Chocolate Sorbet (Analiese Gregory)
Chocolate & Cardamom Baked Ganache (Jo Barret)
Cocoa Tea (Paul Carmichael)



Photography Jesus Manongdo
Recipe editing PSP
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