AoB (Open House Melbourne)

The Association of Brutification (AoB) was a public workshop held during the Brutalist Block Party co-ordinated by Open House Melbourne and Assemble Communities. The structured curriculum examined the dysfunctionality, aesthetic degradation and dichotomy that is Brutalism.

AoB Curriculum
Period 1: Smell Morning coffee ritual (10mins)
Period 2: Move An exercise in Brutification with Nat Abbott (10mins)
Period 3: Touch Brutify; deform, contort, misshape, crinkle, scratch, wrap a pair of Broots (shoes) (15mins)
Period 4: Sight Visual association of Brutalist buildings personified (15mins)
Period 5: Sound Foley tray field recording (listen here) with Raudie Mcleod (15mins)
Period 6: Taste (a matter of) Bad Brute or Beaut Brut, the 50 / 50 discussion (20mins)

Photography: Alex Kelaart
Brutalist exercise: Nat Abbott
Field recordings: Raudie Mcleod

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