Aluminium Can (Pitch Music & Arts)

An introductory video for Pitch Music & Arts Festival to an unspecified experience, the viewer is unsure of what exactly they’re being inducted to. The dialogue is vague, circular and full of empty buzz words, but eludes to the elusive ‘good time’ that people attend Pitch for.

Creative Director: Peter Jay Deering
Director/ Producer: COCO and MAXIMILIAN
Writer/ Director: Robert Ten Eyck
DOP: Sherwin Akbarzadeh
AC: Anthony Rilocapro
Gaffer: Hugh Turral
Production Design / Styling: PSP
MU: Rob Povey
MU Assistant: Tara Lee Mitchell
Sound Recordist: Ben Bomitali

🤵🍽🍝🍨 Food is our forte 🖼️ Brand spaces are our arte 🤩  Experience is our parte ☁️ Brand Experience 🏟️ Brand Space ✨ Design 🍇  Food Experience ✏️️ Copywriting