26 Original Fakes (NGV Design Week)

PSP were invited by Friends & Associates to participate in an exhibition for NGV's Melbourne Design Week titled 26 Original Fakes. Participants were each given a replica Jasper Morrison HAL chair to rehash into an original. The exhibition asked designers to examine the merit of authenticity, current design values and the importance of originality.

    When we are questioning the merit of genuine vs. replica, there is a point where performance becomes irrelevant. Their profiles may appear identical but it’s what's ‘under the hood’ that counts.

    PractiseStudioPractise’s High-Octane Replica HAL Chair Genuine Original (PSP-H0C-01) has all the hallmarks of an original but evades certainty. Beneath the custom-fit, UV-resistant protective material with in-built hail protection is a chair whose authenticity will be left undetermined. Alongside it; premium tools for highly tuned furniture.

PolishShinePlus+ Replica Genuine Original Furniture Maintenance Kit (PSP-H0C-02:06)

    The PolishShinePlus+ Replica Genuine Original Furniture Maintenance Kit is a highly specialised, scientifically advanced selection of premium furniture tuning products. To maintain that genuine original look, PSP prescribes frequent and diligent maintenance with this premium selection of waxes, polishes and tools.

Fabrication: Vogue Upholstery
Embroidery: Embroidery Time
Products: Supercheap Auto

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